Military & Taxes

Taxes & Vehicle Registration

Military personnel who are active duty and are not legal residents of the State of Virginina are exempt by law from paying personal property tax and vehicle license fees on vehicles owned solely by the military member. In order to obtain this exemption, the vehicle registration and a copy of the most current leave and earning statement (no older than 90 days) showing the name, social security number, state of residence and Expiration of term of service(ETS) or separation date is required.

Virginia Residents

Military personnel who are Virginia residents are responsible for personal property taxes and the vehicle license fee.

Retired Military

Military personnel who retire in Virginia are responsible for personal property tax from the date of their retirement. A copy of the vehicle registration and DD-214 form should be submitted at the time of their retirement to insure proper taxation.

Regarding Spouses of United States Military Service Members

Spouses of military service members may be eligible to be tax exempt on personal property registered in their names or titled jointly with their service member-spouse based on certain qualifying conditions provided in the federal "Military Spouses Residency Relief Act."To apply for exemption, contact our office at (757) 727-6183 for information and application.

Military & Leased Vehicles

Military personnel who are (a) active duty; (b) not legal residents of the State of Virginia; and (c) are required by their vehicle leasing agreement to pay tangible personal property taxes on such vehicle, may qualify for a reduction in taxes. Please contact our office for further information.


If you have been billed and feel that you are exempt from personal property taxation, please email our office your account number along with a digital image of your leave and earnings statement (LES) showing non-Virginia status. You may also fax this information to (757) 727-6843.