Police Cadet (Full & Part Time)

Position Details

police cadet directing trafficThis position requires training and development in various functions of the Police Division, and offers the candidate an opportunity to evaluate the law enforcement profession. As a benefit it also offers the Police Division the opportunity to evaluate the candidate's suitability to perform law enforcement duties.

Under the leadership and direction of a designated member of the police force, performs a wide variety of duties associated with such functions as directing traffic, learning to maintain record keeping systems, working as school crossing guard, conducting funeral escorts, etc. Such duties will be performed on a rotational basis in order to develop a good working knowledge of police functions as they apply to police patrol officer duties.


Cadets receive supervision through specific instructions and daily evaluations by a Corporal or Sergeant. Cadet duties involve an element of personal danger, though every effort is made to avoid any exposure to volatile situations. Cadets may be assigned either the day or evening shifts and may be rotated to other Cadet positions within the Police Department.

Police Cadets are required to meet the same minimum qualifications as Permanent Full Time Police Officers and must be able to perform the job functions of a Police Cadet. The Police Division furnishes uniforms & equipment.

This program is for individuals 18 to 20 years old who are not old enough to become a Police Officer but who are looking for experience in law enforcement.

For More Information

For more information, email us or call the Hampton Police Division Recruiting & Personnel Unit at 757-727-6586.