Police Patrol Officer (Recruit & Certified)


The function of this position is to patrol an assigned district during one of three shifts to enforce the ordinances and statues of the City of Hampton and the state of Virginia .

Examples of Work

  • Patrols an assigned district within the City of Hampton by foot and/or vehicle to prevent crime or disturbance of businesses and persons within the district. Notes suspicious persons and unusual conditions and makes preliminary investigations. Examines premises of unoccupied buildings and check doors and windows for security. Reports hazards that endanger public safety such as malfunctioning traffic signals, damaged utility structures, etc.
  • Acknowledges radio transmissions relaying citizen's complaints and proceeds to location. Answers complaints from citizens such as domestic quarrels, fights, vandalism, etc., then takes necessary corrective action. Investigates missing persons and watches for runaways and truants. Watches for and makes recovery of lost and stolen property and vehicles. Disperses unruly crowds at public gatherings
  • Serves warrants and summonses. Arrests violators for misdemeanors and felonies. Accompanies prisoners to headquarters or jail, and makes report of events leading to and surrounding arrest. Confers with Commonwealth's Attorney or City Attorney to coordinate courtroom testimony. Appears in court as the arresting officer, reporting person, witness or person with knowledge
  • Investigates traffic accidents and renders first aid to injured. Directs and reroutes traffic around accidents or other disruptions. Issues tickets to traffic violators. Checks abandoned vehicles and calls for tow truck. Provides escort for funerals, parades and shipment of currency. Transports emergency blood vials from hospital to hospital
  • Provides public with general information on laws, ordinances, and services of the city and state. Provides detection to lost persons and motorists. Renders aid to citizens in distress. Ascertains information from citizens to aid in investigation of crime. Provides citizens an open line of communication regarding issues that affect the quality of life
  • Performs other related duties as required


Entry-level position. Requires attendance at Police Academy and period of probationary status prior to permanent appointment. Receives supervision through specific instructions and daily evaluations by a supervisor. Duties involve an element of personal danger. May require pursuit of duties outside the normal 40-hour workweek. May be rotated to other police officer positions with the Police Division.


Graduation from an accredited high school course of study or successful completion of a GED; college level course work in Police Science or related field of study preferred; ability to be courteous yet firm with the public; must be alert, and possess ability to understand and carry out complex oral and written instructions; good skills of observation and memory; excellent moral character; good physical condition. Must pass City physical examination, background investigation (to include polygraph examination), and physical agility examination; must be at least 20 years of age at time of application. Must possess and maintain a valid motor vehicle operator's license and must have a satisfactory driver's record based on the City of Hampton's criteria.

More Information
For more information, email us or call the Hampton Police Division Recruiting and Personnel Unit at 757-915-6780.