Honor Park

In Memoriam

Back of statue at honor parkThree slain Hampton police officers killed in the line of duty were honored on June 1, 1995, with the formal dedication of Honor Park. Honor Park is located between the Public Safety Building and City Hall. A bronze bust of each officer, resting upon a marble monument, rings the park. A plaque cites their names, dates of birth and dates of death. At the entrance of Honor Park, a separate memorial dedicates the park to the memories of the slain officers.

The City of Hampton encourages both its citizens and visitors to use the park as a place of quiet recollection, healing and recovery. We hope that this park shall promote renewed hope, pride and brotherhood in our city and in ourselves. Visit the Officer Down Memorial page to read more about the officers.

Hampton Officers

Kenneth E. Wallace
Badge Number 28
December 30, 1964 to February 25, 1994

Mark DeCuypere
Badge Number 81
August 20, 1953 to May 22, 1975

Ralph Ghivizzani
Badge Number 3
October 30, 1915 to February 6, 1943