Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Hang It Up!

Hang up the telephone if someone calls you and requests your information. Never give out your personal information such as your social security number, bank account number, or driver's license number. If you are interested in buying a product over the phone, ask the company to mail you information. Remember, a reputable company will be happy to send you information. If not, hang it up!

Tear It Up!

Everyone receives mail correspondence informing them they have won a prize or been pre-approved for some form of credit. Thieves commonly steal mail from mail boxes for the information they contain. They also commonly look through garbage to try and obtain some of your personal information. To help prevent your identity from being stolen, tear it up! Never put your personal information in the trash. Always shred it or tear it up! If you do decide to reply to the correspondence and it contains your personal information, put your mail in a secure blue mail box!

Don't Open It Up!

Not only do you have to be careful of door to door salespeople offering free products and services, you also have to be careful of professional con artists or criminals who want to take your money. If someone comes to your door that you do not know, don't open it up!

If the person is persistent, call the police!