Business Watch

Crime Prevention - Business Watch

Bike Cops Speaking to Man at Car DealershipBusiness Watch is a crime prevention program that enlists the active participation of merchants and businessmen in cooperation with the Hampton Police Division to reduce crime in the City's business community.


Administered by the Community Relations Unit and the Business Improvement District, officers meet with the management of local businesses and train their employees when necessary on how not to become the victim of a crime.

The division's Community Relations Unit is responsible for conducting business security surveys, providing businesses with information on crime prevention methods, providing information to the business community on recent criminal activity in the area, and maintaining contact with business liaisons.

By increasing awareness of the various ways businesses are victimized, and teaching prevention strategies and methods to merchants, the division aims to minimize losses.


  • Promote the active participation of local merchants and businessmen in the area to reduce crime
  • Provide training to businesses and employees on crime prevention strategies
  • Community Relations Unit works closely with local businesses to identify security needs and provide up to date information to the business community on recent crime trends
  • Program aims to minimize losses by increasing awareness among business employees

For more information, please email or call 757-727-6510.