Multiple Hit

Crime Prevention - Multiple Hit

The Multiple Hit Program identifies commercial establishments that have been burglarized or robbed two or more times within a 12-month period, or are prone to multiple robberies and / or burglaries. Any establishment identified receives increased patrol coverage, a security survey, and an offer of special assistance from the Community Relations Unit.


The Communications Unit notifies the Community Relations Unit of each business burglary or robbery within the City through a daily recap bulletin which contains information such as place of business, time the offense occurred, and a brief description of the incident and suspect if available.

Upon a second offense to a business within one year, Crime Analysis notifies the Community Relations Unit through a multiple hit bulletin containing information such as place of business, address, date and time of incidence and any remarks. The Community Relations Unit responds by conducting a security survey.

A report specifying findings and recommendations of the visit is generated with copies forwarded to the business and to the Operations Branch. Crime Analysis researches previous offenses to the business and supplies pertinent information to field officers.


  • Targets businesses prone to multiple burglaries and robberies
  • Provides field officers with knowledge of high incidence areas that may be candidates for offenses
  • Concentrated effort made by Community Relations Unit to prevent or reduce the possibility of future occurrences at targeted locations

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