Citizen Police Academy

About the Program

Citizen Police Academy groupThe Citizen Police Academy is a 12-week program designed to teach the citizens of Hampton about the mission, policies, and day-to-day operations of the Police Division. The program curriculum is designed to educate the citizen in an effort to improve communication between citizens and police and dispel misconceptions the community may have about the police.


Students of the Citizen Police Academy have the opportunity to become familiar with the day-to-day operations of the Police Division, enabling them to gain a better understanding of the policies and laws that guide an officer’s decisions. Presentations will be made by division personnel and the Commonwealth’s attorney about:

  • The division's mission
  • Ethics
  • Personnel and hiring
  • Laws
  • Crime prevention efforts
  • Community oriented policing
  • The communications center
  • The emergency operations center
  • The marine patrol
  • The K-9 unit
  • The Bike Unit
  • The Crisis Negotiation Unit
  • The SWAT Unit
  • Officer safety techniques
  • Investigations

Attend the Academy

Citizens interested in attending the Citizen Police Academy must apply for admission into the program, and successfully pass a thorough background investigation conducted by the Division. The academy is offered free of charge to the citizens of Hampton or anyone who works in the City of Hampton.


  • Build a better understanding between citizens and police through education.
  • Increase citizen awareness and understanding of the realities of policing in Hampton.
  • Enable citizens to gain a deeper understanding of the policies and laws guiding officer’s decisions.
  • Encourage open lines of communication and cooperation between the community and the Police Division.
  • Enable citizens to assess issues and educate others on police practices and policies.

For more information, please contact the Community Relations Unit at 757-727-2260.