Crime Prevention Informational Fliers

Crime Prevention Informational Flyers

Throughout the year and during local festivals and conventions, the Community Relations Unit prepares and distributes informational flyers to local hotels, motels, shopping malls, convention facilities, apartment complexes, and neighborhood watch groups. These flyers contain useful information about local laws and ordinances, how and where to report crime, and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations.


The Division's Community Relations Unit Informational Flyer Program is designed to acquaint visitors with traffic situations, laws and ordinances, as well as providing tips on to how to make your stay in Hampton safe and memorable.

Simple reminders such as locking the car door, keeping valuables out of plain view, and not consuming alcoholic beverages in public will benefit the well-being of everyone. Included on the flyer are Hampton's emergency 911 number for reporting a crime or other emergency situation, as well as the general information number for questions and concerns.

The purpose of the Program is to assist in providing a safe and secure environment in which everyone can enjoy and prosper.


  • Provide useful information to visitors concerning local laws, ordinances, and personal safety
  • Provide crime prevention reminders to increase the security of personal belongings
  • Provide emergency and general information numbers for easy accessibility

For more information, please email or call 757-727-6510.