Operation Prom

Hampton Police Division Prom Talk

This program is intended for the graduating seniors of the city's four high schools. School Resource Officers instruct students on laws pertaining to driving while intoxicated, driving while impaired by drugs, false Crash Dummies in Caridentifications, and alcohol related statues. Students are educated on the penalties if convicted of a DUI and the consequences of the Use and Lose Law. The presentation offers students an opportunity to experience various levels of impairment using VASAP's Fatal Vision Goggles. The program continues to receive positive feedback from both the school administrators and the students.

Prom Talk Program Mission

  • Educate youths on state DUI Laws and penalties for False Identification, Underage Possession of Alcohol, and Underage Consumption.
  • Present long-term recuperation if convicted of an illegal activity as a youth
  • Provide a resource to address youth questions in a non-confrontational environment

For more information, please email Hampton Police or call 757-727-6375.