About the Program

The Beautification Committee sponsors the Yards Are Really Distinctive Showplaces (YARDS) program.

The YARDS program is a contest designed to promote community awareness of the importance of environmentally friendly yards. The contest is run annually, from May to September, and is open to all Hampton residents. Anyone can nominate a yard. When nominations are received, residents are notified and asked if they would like to be evaluated. Each month, the top three yards will be selected by the judging committee. The nominees are judged on a variety of components, including aesthetics and environmentally sustainable landscape practices. Only winners who give permission for their names and addresses to be released are published.

Monthly & Yearly Awards

Monthly winners receive gift certificates from our contributing sponsors and a congratulatory sign for their yard to display. All nominees receive a certificate of appreciation for their participation.

In October, monthly winners will be considered for the Yard of the Year Award. The winner will receive an award along with other notable individuals and organizations at HCCC's Volunteer Recognition Event.

For More Information

For more information, please contact the Hampton Clean City Commission:

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