Criminal Justice Board

The Hampton-Newport News Community Criminal Justice Board facilitates the efforts of the community and criminal justice system to reduce crime and delinquency.


The Code of Virginia defines several broad responsibilities for the board:

  • Advise on the development and operation of local pretrial services and community-based probation programs and services
  • Assist community agencies and organizations in establishing and modifying programs and services for offenders on the basis of an objective assessment of the community´s needs and resources
  • Do all things necessary or convenient to carry out the responsibilities given in the authorizing legislation
  • Evaluate and monitor community programs, services and facilities to determine their impact on offenders
  • Develop and amend criminal justice plans
  • Facilitate local involvement and flexibility in responding to the problem of crime
  • Review the submission of all criminal justice grants

History & Purpose

Community Criminal Justice Boards were created by the Code of Virginia in 1995. As a whole, the boards are proving to be valuable resources for Virginia localities. Boards are positioned to have positive impacts on local criminal justice systems by simply increasing communication among key criminal justice stakeholders in the community. These boards also provide a direct link from state, federal and other criminal justice entities to communities.

Furthermore, through the development of coordinated criminal justice plans, boards position the localities they represent to receive substantial state and federal funding. Since its inception, the local Board has often been held up to others as a "model" effort. Many other boards replicated the original bylaws and council resolutions of the board. In addition, Board members and associates have been asked to share their experiences throughout the commonwealth and country.