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Feb 10

City Manager's Message Feb. 10: Wage increases

Posted on February 10, 2021 at 3:54 PM by Don Mann

I can hardly believe that we are approaching the one-year mark since the pandemic forced us to pivot and become creative in our service delivery. In fact, the word ‘essential’ took on a new meaning, and each of you, in your own way, has stepped up to the plate and answered the call in ways none of us could have imagined.  Over the last 11 months, you have balanced fiscal responsibility with quality service, and I thank you!
Your efforts have paid off. We continue to be one of a few localities that have not resorted to layoffs or furloughs. We enter the second half of FY21 cautiously optimistic about our financial outlook. After examining our 6-month revenue report and real estate land book assessments, our internal team and I recommended to Council that we approve a 3% general wage increase. I am pleased to report that, this afternoon, Council concurred and approved the following salary increases for employees:
  • All permanent full-time (PFT) employees hired on or before 10/31/2020 will receive a 3% pay increase retroactive to 1/4/2021. 
  • The general wage increase is effective 2/13/2021 and will begin with the 2/26/2021 paychecks. 
  • Council also approved our recommendation that the increase be retroactive to 1/4/2021. 
  • That retroactive amount from 1/4/2021-2/12/2021 will be in a separate pay on 3/12/2021. 
  • PFT employees must have hours worked on or after 2/13/2021 to receive the general wage increase and retroactive pay.
  • Additionally, the Governor and General Assembly increased the minimum wage to $9.50/hour effective 5/1/2021. We have chosen to implement this increase earlier, which has resulted in new pay grade minimums for the permanent part-time (PPT) and WAE (300 series) Salary Scale.  
  • PPT and WAE employees with hourly rates below the new pay grade minimums will be adjusted accordingly and all PPT and WAE employees will receive at least a 3% increase.  
  • The new PPT and WAE pay grades and increase are effective 2/20/2021 and reflected in the 3/12/2021 paycheck. 
Compensation continues to be a priority for our Council, Executive Management Team and me. We will continue to explore fiscally sustainable ways to remain competitive in the region.  Thank you again for your continued work during these unprecedented times. I truly believe we have the best team anywhere! 

— Mary


Travis Lindemoen
February 16, 2021 at 10:31 PM
This is really great to read. The past 12 months have been so hard on individuals and businesses, it's great to see the city investing in their people. At we've seen some really horrible situations where people have had to take major compensation hits for a good junk of 2020 so just glad to see the city putting people first.

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