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Air Power Park

Admission Fee

The museum is free to the public.

This free, 15-acre park features several vintage aircraft and experimental space launch vehicles from the 1950s and 1960s, including jets, missiles and rockets. Many of the displays have connections with nearby Langley Air Force Base and NASA Langley Research Center.

The indoor museum at the center of the park includes themed rooms with more than 325 models of aircraft, spacecraft and nautical vessels representing all the U.S. branches of service and some other nations.

Outside, a raised wooden walkway provides a quiet observation deck with views of Newmarket Creek. Visitors may see herons, egrets, blackbirds, various types of crabs and other wildlife. Kids can enjoy the playground area and boat enthusiasts can launch their paddle craft or simply relax on the floating dock. 

Nature trail 

The Waterwalk pathway is a raised wooden walkway with a quiet nature observation deck that provides views of Newmarket Creek, where wildlife abounds. Visitors may see herons, egrets, redwing blackbirds and various types of crabs.

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