What is application review based upon?
Application review criteria is standardized for each application to ensure a fair and consistent review. Many departments review for compliance with specific codes and ordinances (please see the Applications and Special Event Guidebook for help completing your application). Review is based upon the following criteria:

(1) The proposed event will not unreasonably interfere with the normal use of city property by the city or the general public;
(2) The proposed event does not present a safety or health risk to participants, spectators, the general public, or an environmental hazard;
(3) The proposed event is compatible with the surrounding area or neighborhood in consideration of anticipated noise, traffic, crowd capacity, and other similar factors;
(4) City resources necessary to support the proposed activity are reasonably available; and
(5) The special event coordinator has received all licenses, fees, approvals, and materials required by this article within five (5) calendar days of the proposed event date.

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