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HCCC Adopt-A-Spot & Other Volunteer Project Report Form

  1. Clean City Projects Report Form

    Thank you for keeping our City clean & beautiful!  If you have bags of trash needing to be picked up, please list the location of the bags on this form.  If there are large items of trash/debris needing to be removed, call 757-727-1130.  Please note that trash bags cannot be tied to poles/signage or placed at the base of such.  The City's automated trucks must have access and enough clearance to pick up the bags.  Place your bags as close to a public curb as possible without preventing foot/vehicle traffic.  If you observe any hazardous waste materials, do not attempt to clear it yourself - call/text the Hampton Customer Contact Center at 757-727-8311 - or email 

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  7. Please include the location and number of bags to be picked up (for example, at the c/o of Armistead & Settlers Landing; at the entrance of Gosnold's Hope Park, etc.).  Please allow 5-7 days for pickup.

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