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HCCC Keep America Beautiful Cigarette Litter Prevention Campaign

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  2. Once registered, volunteers will receive detailed information on program expectations.

    Scan site captains & teams will be provided with safety vests, protective gloves, litter grabbers, scan sheets, buckets, and counters.  Four (4) site captains are needed and 4 members for each of the 4 teams.

    Cigarette Litter Patrol participants will receive CLPP kits that contain a safety vest & gloves, litter grabbers, counters, and a canister for cigarette litter collection.  Fifty CL Patrol volunteers are needed.

    CLPP Event staff will work special outreach events to distribute cigarette litter info along with pocket and portable car ashtrays.  They will also wear safety vests.

  3. Age Requirement*

    Children under 18yrs of age may not participate in the KAB Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

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