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HCCC Project Proposal & Planning Guide

  1. What specific problem(s) would this project solve? What are the basic facts surrounding the challenge? Who will benefit?
  2. How much money will it cost? What resources like educational materials or tools will you need? Is there a potential sponsor?
  3. Street, neighborhood, section of city, city-wide
  4. Behavior Change Strategies
    You can use these strategies to promote selected behavior changes. Consider them and include them as helpful in your goals and objectives. Check the ones you think might be useful to you.
  5. Goals are broad statements of what you want to accomplish. For example, We will plan more school cleanups.
  6. Objectives are specific plans to get there. Include time frames, target audiences, and other specific information as part of your objectives. For example, we will plan one Saturday school cleanup each month, inviting the school staff and students to participate.
  7. List additional goals and objectives in this box, using the Goal - Objective - Objective format outlined in the boxes above.
  8. What method(s) will you use to measure the impact of project/program? Who will evaluate the project? When will the project be evaluated?
  9. It is important to offer positive reinforcement and celebrate successes in this model, ongoing feedback should be provided to sustain environmental and quality-of-life changes.
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